About the blog:


Park Slope Lens is a photography blog that focuses on the daily life of one of New York's greatest neighborhoods. It features the work of many local photographers shooting what makes their community special to them. These pictures are intended to help Slopers see their neighborhood with new eyes and to help foster community as well. You won't find this stuff in the newspapers. You won't find it in the City. You certainly won't find it anywhere else in the country. Come here to experience Park Slope via the people who love it the most.


About Spencer:



Spencer Ritenour is a transplant from the midwest who is proud to call Park Slope home. His three primary modes of transportation are:  1) New Balance runners, 2) super rad bicycle, and 3) the F train. You may find him reading a book at many of the Slope's cafes. And he takes pictures. A lot. 


About Marcelo:


Marcelo Añez is an audio engineer, sound designer, cyclist, cook, photographer, foodie, multiple Grammy winner, dog lover, and Park Slope Resident. You can learn more about him at


About Greg:



Greg has called Brooklyn 'home' since late 2004 and has lived in Park Slope since 2005. He is currently a full time graduate student and resident artist at Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan. When not struggling to learn Hebrew, Greg enjoys photography, ink drawing, biking around Park Slope (as well as the rest of the city) and being with friends. A relatively recent (and reluctant) convert to digital photography, his favorite camera format is black and white 4x5 film. Feel free to visit his art blog at  Aemiessence Fine Arts.


About Suzanne:




Suzanne is a New York City native who now resides in Park Slope.  As a full fledged member of the Kerouac school she digs life, love, and revolution.


About Lara:




Lara considers herself a street photographer. She always has her camera on hand and shoots at anything that piques her interest. She is constantly on the lookout for interesting people, lighting, and compositions in her daily world. She also has done live sound engineering for bands and nightclubs for over 20 years. She lives in Park Slope with her husband and 2 sons. Be sure to check out more of her work at dub dub dub dot Lara Wechsler dot com.